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Welcome to Heaven.

Casual Data.

kate-boosh replied to your photoset “Current Doctor Who WIPs. I did start working on some of the others as…”

No Donna? :0

I have a WIP Donna, but she’s still not good enough so I haven’t posted a close-up yet. Also, there still isn’t cc suitable enough for her, I keep feeling she’s missing something. But no worries, Donna will be around soon enough :)

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Current Doctor Who WIPs. I did start working on some of the others as well, but those weren’t ready for their close-ups just yet :)

Haven’t posted a pic in ages, so here are some from today.Also, a couple of my little guy and our dog Jenny. I don’t think ever posted her before, so yeah. 

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WIP Clara looking cute.

Question — why do we talk out loud even when we know we’re alone. Conjecture — because we know we’re not.

Tried converting TS2 Eleven hair I made to TS3…It’s just a rough wip atm, and I’m not quite sure how the style of this hair fits with the rest of the game.

I was tagged by morganabanana :)

I change my wallpaper often, today it is this. 


I tag nyamisims, sims-in-a-box, lilithpleasant, similicious and mytardisantium. Sorry if you guys have been tagged already, I’ve been terrible at keeping up these days.

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WIPs of Amy and Rose.

Made some changes to my TS4 Clara.