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Random Clara pondering (SPOILERS for “The Bells of Saint John”)

What a great episode! Love the Great Intelligence arc that seems to be forming. I had to pause the episode for a good couple of minutes when I saw “by Amelia Williams”, just to go OH MY GOD. I was so happy. 

So we now know how Clara became a computer genius…and she’s called just Clara Oswald, no Oswin…which I guess means this one is the first Clara? The original Clara? Oswin Oswald and Clara Oswin Oswald we met before both died. Both of them sort of seemed to ‘know’ the Doctor in some way, while this one seemed as if she has just met him. What if this Clara, the original Clara, went travelling with the Doctor and then something has happened which ‘splintered’ her and sent her into different times? Neither of them actually remembers the Doctor, but he must be somehow buried in their subconsciousness because they do seem to know him.

Since I now seem to got obsessed with theories on Clara/Oswin, I want to go through some of the stuff that may or may not relevant. Just because I think it’s all so fascinating…Its all probably been mentioned already, and I’ve got nothing new to say, but anyway :)

1. So Nina gets mentioned again. Who is she? Is she relevant in some way? Is it the alias of someone we’ve known from the past? 

2. The leaf - “That was page one.” First thought when I saw that leaf was Canada, since it seems to be maple leaf. Then I thought of the Alaska, Oswin’s spaceship. It’s the first time we see Clara/Oswin, aboard that ship.


3. The number 23. In the book 101 Places to See, where Clara was writing her age, 16 and 23 are missing….What if Clara is not going through her life linearly, but wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey? 16 and 23 are missing because she hasn’t lived those ages yet. Is that too crazy? Also, the number 19 is the only one crossed twice…what’s that all about?

Clara Oswin Oswald was born on 23rd November 1866, first episode of DW aired on 23rd November 1963, and Clara missed the number 23 when typing in the password in the last night’s episode. But does any of you guys know what it means? Because I have no idea and I’m dying to know xD 



4. The roses. AGAIN. At first I didn’t notice them, but now I’ve been looking through the episode again, and they are indeed there. Coincidence? Probably not, now that we know Rose is coming back.



Those are definitely roses in Clara’s room, and the dress on the Spoonhead seems to be covered with tiny little roses too. There might be more roses hidden around, I’ve found these by just dashing through the episode.

5. The Woman In The Shop gave Clara the Doctor’s number - my first thought was River, naturally. But knowing Billie Piper is in for the 50th, it could be her as well.

6. This is probably completely irrelevant, but still kinda cool: Clara’s necklace - is that an angel? xD



Clara Oswin Oswald’s and Oswin’s last words were “Run, you clever boy…and remember.”  What if, whenever she’s about to die, she says those words whenever she remembers the Doctor, remembers who she is? And she remembers that the Doctor needs to remember, so she tries to remind him? Am I rambling yet?

Any ideas who Clara is? What does any of these new (or old) things we’ve learned mean?

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  6. recreationalmisanthropy answered: interestingly enough my first thought about the woman in the shop was the girl from Blink!
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  9. amazing-sam-isnotonfire answered: amazing theory. Genius.
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  12. crimsonium said: I think that the rose thing might just be referring to billie coming back for the 50th…a red herring. But then again, the fact that rose is coming back adds more plausibility to those ‘Clara is rose’s daughter’ theory…
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