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feelingcalledsims replied to your photo: Kirk spam!

oooh nice job, please tell me you are doing Bones as well!! Not to sound needy or anything :)

Thanks! Yeah, Bones is in the works. This is an old WIP pic, but you can see how he is going:

Hopefully I’ll take some newer pics of both Spock and Bones, if my game allows me to do so.

sixamsims replied to your photoKirk spam!

Lovely job. Chris Pine is perfect as Kirk. I love him as much as Bill Shatner. I have you seen my Spock? I think you know how partial I am to Vulcans.

Thank you <3  Yeah, Chris Pine makes a great Kirk, they are all pretty much a perfect cast, imho. And I just saw your Spock, he looks lovely! I know how much you adore Vulcans (Vulcans are awesome) :D

  1. susansuspected said: wooow! awesome as ever!!!!
  2. feelingcalledsims said: Eeep he looks awesome. I so love the new guys for enterprise.
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